The #1 Question We Get is "How Can You Do That?"

The answer is actually quite simple.  Because we are long term investors that implement higher income producing models into residential homes (condos and townhomes may qualify), that allow us to generate SIGNIFICANTLY more revenue than traditional rental models. This means we can put more money in your pocket when we work together with you.

As a result, homeowners just like you typically earn at least 10-20% OVER today's Zillow Estimated Value.

EXAMPLE: Assume a 4/2 single family home valued at $300,000

Traditional Rental Income

$2,300 / month

Our Rental Models


Get an Instant Estimate of How Much Over Zillow You Can Earn From Your Home NOW

Step 1 of 3: Let's start by automatically pulling your Zillow Estimated Value and Home Info...

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Unit (if applicable):

Zip Code:

Hmm, we weren't able to automatically pull your Zillow estimate. No worries. Click the link below and it should open a new tab with your Zillow values.  Please enter the information from Zillow into the appropriate boxes below.


Estimated Value


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Not sure what to look for on Zillow? Here's where to find the data to fill the above

If your home doesn't come up using the link above, try using the Zillow search to find your property to get to the information needed.

Step 2 of 3: Let's get a little more information about your property and situation...

Type of home?

How soon are you looking to move?

How would you rate the condition of the home?

What's more important to you, speed of sale or get the most from your home?

Do you still have a mortgage on your home?

Step 3 of 3: Excellent, it's looking great for you so far.  After you enter your information we'll display the estimate based on the information provided.

We've processed your submission and here's an estimate of what we may be able to get you over Zillow based on the information you have supplied and what we have available for our online estimation tool.

 {estimated over}

Based on what you supplied, it appears your home may qualify for either our short term rental model and/or our Beyond Living Integrated Housing and Vocational Training home.

We're estimating that the average monthly gross income for the property might be around:

{monthly gross}

It's because of this high projected monthly income that we can get you so much over Zillow Value today.

Factors that will effect these numbers include but not limited to: actual condition of the home, zoning or restrictions by HOAs, size of the bedrooms, location of the property, competitive pricing in the market for similar models, current mortgage balance and payment amounts, .

When we connect via Zoom to review your property in more detail we'll be able to identify factors that could increase or decrease these estimates.

Be advised that this estimate over Zillow value is done through our partnership model and may or may not all be received at the time of contract. There are options to partner with us for an extended period of time and even create passive generational wealth if you are interested in getting even more than what is presented here.

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